Posted On: 7/19/2022

Spend Christmas in Zermatt - an unforgettable time!

Some of our guests from all over the world spend every Christmas season with us in Zermatt. Maybe that sounds a bit crazy? Who wants to spend Christmas away from the family? But of course this decision has its reasons, which we would like to show you here.

We hope to welcome you and that you will return from your Christmas vacation in Zermatt enchanted with unforgettable memories.


Traveling Zermatt in an environmentally friendly way?

Zermatt is a small, picturesque village in the Swiss Alps and is the perfect place to experience an unforgettable Christmas.
A special feature of Zermatt is that you can spend some time away from the pollution and congestion of a city crowded with cars. Our beautiful mountain village is a pioneer in eco-friendly tourism and decided long ago to ban all cars from Zermatt, making it a car free village.

The transfer from the train station to your chalet is either by the famous electric cabs or by bus. Many of our apartments in Zermatt are even within walking distance of the train station, from where every tourist arrives.
The bus service is, in true Swiss fashion, extremely punctual and reliable as clockwork. All of our accommodations are close to the bus line, making it very convenient to get around during your stay in Zermatt.


Snow in and around Zermatt?

We have guaranteed snow every year, which means that our guests can count on a white Christmas in Zermatt! This is not only something special for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts.

The snow-covered village center and the silence created by the snow will bring a pious smile to the lips of even the biggest Christmas grump.
If you want to completely immerse yourself in one of the snowiest regions in Europe, one of the surrounding railroads such as the Gornergrat Bahn will take you directly to the snow paradise in the guaranteed white Alps. Zermatt is the highest ski resort in Europe and you can ski both in Switzerland and across the border into Italy. The highest lift is the Klein Matterhorn, which reaches 3,883 m (the highest cable car station in Europe!) and takes you to the 21 km of the Theodul Glacier, where you can ski all year round! From here you have a picture perfect view on the Matterhorn, while skiing (or walking) downhill.

Of course, there are many other winter sports and activities that you can practice. Especially curling is very popular during the winter season.


Picturesque Christmas Village Zermatt

The small town itself is full of cozy chalets with rustic roofs and listed wooden facades that exude a unique charm and character. Even if you don't stay directly in one of these quaint accommodations, it's worth exploring the winding alleys.
The narrow passageways fill with Christmas smells of mulled wine and other treats. In the many small stores you will find everything from handicraft souvenirs to traditional Swiss delicacies in one of the many restaurants in Zermatt.

The people of Zermatt love to decorate their dreamy houses with lights and Christmas accessories, so the term fairytale wonderland is really no exaggeration.
There are also several charming churches and spectacular views of mountain peaks that touch the sky - we'll get to one of those churches in a moment.


Relaxation and wellness in Zermatt Switzerland

After spending a wonderful time on the slopes with amazing views or exploring the Christmas village, you deserve a spa day! In order to give even more space to your inner peace, we also offer great deals to all spa and wellness lovers.
Some of our accommodations are directly equipped with indoor pools or hot tubs, or we can organise a stay in an external spa for you. Read our comprehensive Zermatt Spa Guide for more information.


English Church in Zermatt Switzerland

An insider tip for the Christmas season in Zermatt is to visit the English Church.
This picturesque church is also called St. Peter Church, or English Church. It is closely associated with the British visitors who were among the first to see and explore the Matterhorn as tourists. The church bears witness to historical events surrounding the first brave climbers of the Matterhorn. Thus, the tomb of the first climber Reverend Charles Hudson is located in the altar of the church built in 1840. The church itself regularly hosts Anglican masses, which have been held there by English priests for centuries. A unique experience for any Christmas season!
What better time to visit churches than during the reflective Christmas time?


Conclusion for Christmas in Zermatt

Zermatt is a charming village overlooking the highest peaks in Europe. Our mountain village at the foot of the Matterhorn is just waiting to be explored. With its cozy wooden chalets and the ever-present mountains dwarfing everything, it is simply a magical place to enjoy Christmas.

The main season in Zermatt is marked by the festivities of the Christmas time, which span the entire month of December. Residents are in their beautifully decorated homes and the streets are lined with twinkling lights. You can get your fill of Christmas markets, skiing or skating at one of the two glacier ski resorts. If Santa would't be super busy at this time of the year, we are sure he would spend it in Zermatt. The experience of admiring Zermatt at arguably its most beautiful time will stay with you for a long time.


Looking for more inspiration in and around Zermatt? Check out our ultimate Zermatt Guide.




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