Posted On: 10/29/2023

Spend Christmas in Zermatt - an unforgettable time!

If you're contemplating spending Christmas in Zermatt, then you're in the right place. In this article, we'll whisk you away on a journey through Zermatt during the Christmas season, a time many consider to be the most enchanting of the year.

Discover our insider tips on how to make the most of your stay, be it skiing, unwinding in a spa, or indulging in traditional Swiss delicacies. Read on for authentic insight and recommendations and find out why Zermatt stands out as the premier Christmas destination.


Zermatt is our home and we love to share all we know with you! Discover the best this unique place has to offer from your local team in Zermatt.


Visit Zermatt In Christmas Time

There is something magical, not quite explainable, about the time around Christmas in Zermatt. The mountains that seem to come alive covered by a layer of snow, the excitement of the people in the narrow little cobblestone streets decorated with fairy lights or the joyful laughter of the skiers after a day on the pistes. Everyone, who was once here, will understand exactly what we mean.

Zermatt at Christmas is a highlight that should be on every list. The mountain village exudes its very special charm, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Picturesque Zermatt enchants tourists from all over the world, especially during the Christmas season. (© Leander Wenger)

Guaranteed White Christmas In Zermatt

We have guaranteed snow every year, which means that our guests can count on a white Christmas in Zermatt! If you want to completely immerse yourself in one of the snowiest regions in Europe, one of the surrounding railroads such as the Gornergrat Bahn will take you directly to the snow paradise in the guaranteed white Alps.


Zermatt is the highest ski resort in Europe and you can ski both in Switzerland and across the border into Italy. The highest lift is the Klein Matterhorn, which reaches 3,883 m (the highest cable car station in Europe!) and takes you to the 21 km of the Theodul Glacier, where you can ski all year round! From here you have a picture perfect view on the Matterhorn, while skiing (or walking) downhill.
There are many things to do in Zermatt for non-skiers as well. Especially curling is very popular during the winter season.

Picturesque Christmas Village Zermatt

The mountain village itself is full of cozy chalets with rustic roofs and listed wooden facades that exude a unique charm and character. Even if you don't stay directly in one of these quaint accommodations, it's worth exploring the winding alleys.


The narrow passageways fill with Christmas smells of mulled wine and other treats. In the many small stores you will find everything from handicraft souvenirs to traditional Swiss delicacies in some of the best restaurants in Zermatt.
The people of Zermatt love to decorate their dreamy houses with lights and Christmas accessories, so the term fairytale wonderland is really no exaggeration.
There are also several charming churches and spectacular views of mountain peaks that touch the sky - we'll get to one of those churches in a moment.

Things To Do In Zermatt For Christmas

Go Skiing

Zermatt, a 5 Star Ski Resort, stands out as one of Europe's top skiing destinations. Nestled amidst 38 peaks that rise above four thousand meters, including the iconic Matterhorn, Zermatt offers a picturesque winter landscape. The resort ensures year-round skiing, thanks to its glaciers that remain snow-covered throughout the year. The ski lifts operated by Matterhorn Glacier Paradise are committed to operating their lifts every day, ensuring that skiing enthusiasts can hit the pistes whenever they wish.

The resort caters to all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Families, couples, and groups of friends will find the ski area tailored to their needs. Moreover, ski teams often choose Zermatt for their annual training sessions. A unique feature of the resort is its direct access to Italy. Within minutes, visitors can transition from the Klein Matterhorn to Cervinia/Valtournence in Italy, offering a change in scenery and a chance to dine amidst the Italian peaks.

Additional information from Zermatt's official website reveals that Zermatt is Europe's highest ski resort. The Matterhorn Ski Paradise, situated at an altitude of around 3,883 meters between Zermatt and Breuil-Cervinia, offers 360 kilometers of diverse ski runs. Modern lifts and cable cars, including the Matterhorn Glacier Ride, facilitate the skiing experience. The resort also promises gourmet experiences, exciting events, and magical snow days, making it a must-visit for anyone considering a skiing trip in December and January.

Skiiing in Zermatt (Foto by ©Pacal Gertschen)


Relaxation And Wellness in Zermatt Switzerland

After spending a wonderful time on the slopes with amazing views or exploring the Christmas village, you deserve a spa day! In order to give even more space to your inner peace, we also offer great deals to all spa and wellness lovers.
Some of our accommodations are directly equipped with indoor pools or hot tubs, or we can organise a stay in an external spa for you.


Sauna in the Zermatt Riffelhaus Spa Resort with view of Matterhorn

In the wellness area of the Riffelhaus 1853, the exclusive view of the Valais mountains is included. (© Riffelhaus 1853)

Celebrate At The English Church In Zermatt

An insider tip for the Christmas season in Zermatt is to visit the English Church.
This picturesque church is also called St. Peter Church, or English Church. It is closely associated with the British visitors who were among the first to see and explore the Matterhorn as tourists. The church bears witness to historical events surrounding the first brave climbers of the Matterhorn. Thus, the tomb of the first climber Reverend Charles Hudson is located in the altar of the church built in 1840. The church itself regularly hosts Anglican masses, which have been held there by English priests for centuries. A unique experience for any Christmas season!

Indulge In Raclette, Fondue & Other Swiss Specialties

The swiss mountain regions offer a variety of local specialities that will keep you happy and full during your vacation. Dive into the rich, melted Raclette, a cheese delight often scraped onto diners' plates. Savour the communal experience of Fondue, where bread is dipped into a pot of melted cheese. Beyond these, Switzerland boasts an array of dishes, from hearty stews to delicate pastries. Learn more about what to eat in Zermatt and discover our research for the best restaurants in Zermatt.

Hiking Or Snowshoeing

Zermatt has plenty to offer for non-skiers as well. One of the favorite activities apart from skiing is hiking or snowshoeing. The region boasts a myriad of trails that meander through pristine snow-covered landscapes, offering breathtaking views of the iconic Matterhorn and surrounding peaks. Whether you're strapping on snowshoes for the first time or are an experienced hiker seeking a winter challenge, Zermatt provides the perfect backdrop. With trails ranging from gentle paths to more challenging routes, there's an adventure waiting for everyone.

So, lace up your boots, breathe in the crisp alpine air, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Zermatt's winter wonderland.

Be sure to check the conditions before you leave - safety first!



At the foot of the Matterhorn, guests can book an extraordinary experience: sleigh rides with huskies. For 1.5 hours, you can experience the proud and also very unconventional animals, let them pull you through snowy landscapes and take lots of photos with the four-legged friends. Charlotte, who owns 15 huskies herself, will tell you interesting facts about the animals.
Of course, you can also stroke and cuddle them - which is the best thing in winter temperatures anyway. Warm clothing is essential, as is good footwear, as you will meet up with Gianni or Suzanne (both mountain guides) at the Trockener Steg restaurant, which is situated at 2,939 metres above sea level! There you can also enjoy the unobstructed view of the imposing Matterhorn. At only 4 kilometres away (as the crow flies), it seems almost within reach. The sleigh ride must be booked in advance. A maximum of 6 people can book at any one time. The maximum number of participants is 18, spread over 3 booking times.

Important: For safety reasons, children under the age of 2 are not allowed to take part in the trip. Pregnant women may only take part with written authorisation from a doctor. All guests weighing over 100 kg are only allowed on request to the organiser.

Trockener Steg can be reached from Zermatt village in approx. 30 minutes with the Matterhorn Express or the aerial cableway. To explore the mountain world, we recommend that you purchase a Peak Pass. If you would also like to ski on the Italian side, we recommend the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing Pass. 



Husky Zermatt also offers hikes with these extraordinary animals. You discover the Zermatt area with your husky for 2 hours. The dog is secured on a lead, which you wear on a hip belt. After you and your dog have had a chance to get to know each other, you are ready to set off. The group then explores the area together.
The meeting point is at the ZenStecken bus stop just outside Zermatt village. It takes about 15 minutes on foot from the station square to the meeting point. Or you can take the green bus route 571, which stops there (bus stop Zermatt, ZenStecken).
The hike must be booked in advance, as places are limited and get booked up quickly. A maximum of 4 people can register at the same time. The hike takes place with a minimum of 4 people.   

Important: Wear good shoes and winter clothing, as you will be out and about for 2 hours. Children under the age of 12 cannot take part in the hike. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Pregnant women may only take part with written authorisation from a doctor.



Husky sleigh tour in front of the Matterhorn in Zermatt

A sleigh ride with huskies against the impressive mountain backdrop is a very special experience. (© zermatt-event management)

Is there A Zermatt Christmas Market ?

There is no Christmas market in Zermatt in 2023, but if you are looking for cute little shops, sweets, hot chocolate or mold wine - then be sure to visit the “Bahnhofstrasse”. You can`t miss it, as its the main street going from the station to the church. The chalet roof tops decorated with fairy lights and the cold air filled with the scent of Stefanie’s Crêperie will lift your spirits as much as any christmas market.


zermatt christmas market tree on the bahnhofplatz

Zermatt Christmas Tree (© Leander Wenger)

From our Holiday Apartment Riffelhorn you have a balcony right above the main square, overviewing  the Christmas Tree! Check our apartment page to see availabilities for Christmas. 🎅


Planning A Trip To Zermatt At Christmas

Traveling To Zermatt

Zermatt is a small, picturesque village in the Swiss Alps and is the perfect place to experience an unforgettable Christmas. A special feature of Zermatt is that you can spend some time away from the pollution and congestion of a city crowded with cars. Our beautiful mountain village is a pioneer in eco-friendly tourism and decided long ago to ban all cars from Zermatt, making it a car free village.
The transfer from the train station to your chalet is either by the famous electric cabs or by bus. Many of our apartments in Zermatt are even within walking distance of the train station, from where every tourist arrives.
The bus service is, in true Swiss fashion, extremely punctual and reliable as clockwork. All of our accommodations are close to the bus line, making it very convenient to get around during your stay in Zermatt.
Zermatt may be nestled in the mountains, but it is extremely easy to reach by public transport. And don't forget: Zermatt is car-free.

 Zermatt may be nestled in the mountains, but it is extremely easy to reach by public transport. And don't forget: Zermatt is car-free.

The car-free mountain village of Zermatt is easily accessible by train from all major airports in Switzerland. (© MGBahn)


Finding Your Accommodation In Zermatt

Zermatt, with its snowy peaks and cozy vibes, is a dream holiday spot. But how do you pick the perfect place to stay? Here's a few tipps to help you out:

  • When searching for the perfect accommodation in Zermatt, consider your ideal location—whether you want to be close to ski lifts, the town center, or in a peaceful spot.
  • Ensure the place suits your group size, from solo travelers to larger parties.
  • Prioritize amenities that matter to you, such as kitchens, ski cellars or balconies with Matterhorn views
  • Always check traveler reviews for insights and look for special deals, like discounts on ski gear or spa packages.
  • For tailored advice and holiday packages, consult our local Zermatt Holidays experts to create a tailored holiday for you. With a bit of planning, you'll find the perfect place to make your Zermatt trip unforgettable.

Book Your Stay With Us, Because:

Top-Notch Service: From the moment you arrive, we're here for you. Need ski gear or train tickets? Just ask. Want a breakfast package waiting for you? We can do that.

Best Price Guarantee: Book with us, and you'll get the best deal. Plus, being part of the Zermatt Apartment Verein (ZAV) means our guests get special discounts on fun stuff around town.

The Personal Touch: We care about the little things. Like Swiss chocolates waiting for you when you arrive and tips on the best local spots.

Cozy Stays: Our chalets and apartments aren't just places to sleep. They're your home in Zermatt, comfy and close to all the action.

Ready for an amazing Zermatt Christmas? Check out our Zermatt Rentals - we offer accomodations for all travelers budgets and top it with the bes sercive.


Zermatt Christmas: Conclusion

As the winter season descends upon Zermatt, the village transforms into a true winter wonderland, making it an idyllic destination to spend Christmas. The snow-capped peaks, including the iconic Matterhorn, provide a picturesque backdrop to the festive atmosphere that envelops the town.

While Zermatt might not host traditional Christmas markets, the Bahnhofstrasse compensates with its vibrant array of shops, offering everything from hot chocolate to unique gifts, all under a canopy of twinkling fairy lights. For those keen on winter activities, Zermatt offers a variety of options, from skiing on the highest slopes of europe to hiking and snowshoeing through peaceful trails. The village's commitment to sustainability is evident in its car-free policy, ensuring that visitors can enjoy a pollution-free environment. With efficient public transport and a range of accommodation options, Zermatt ensures a seamless and memorable experience for all its visitors during the festive season.🎅


Looking for more inspiration in and around Zermatt? Check out our ultimate Zermatt Guide.


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