Zermatt Holidays, the original chalet Zermatt company with a range of Zermatt rental apartments


We can almost call ourselves “locals” after spending so many years here. This is obviously a big advantage in terms of local knowledge. We work with many local companies to offer our guests the best deals in terms of travel to and from Zermatt, ski rentals and local restaurants. Organization of ski passes on arrival, restaurant bookings, serviced apartments are all part of our day.

All our guests are met personally at the station on arrival and accompanied to their Zermatt Apartment Rentals or Chalet Zermatt, in an electric taxi.

Zermatt today is not just a world-famous winter ski resort – it is known in Switzerland for its long and sunny summers and offers holiday packages including hikes, cable-car excursions to the peaks, biking, paragliding, golf, historical village tours and fishing.

For the really fit, a glacier traverse above 3000m or a climb to one of the highest peaks is an unforgettable experience.

And last but not least, Zermatt has remained a uniquely car-free resort ensuring the advantages of living and working in a pure invigorating alpine environment.

History - Zermatt Holidays 


“After finishing my studies in the Netherlands I decided to work in the tourism industry which took me to various countries around the world. By working as a hotel manager, chalet host, tour guide, holiday rep, resort manager and country manager, I visited Austria, France, Italy, Canada, Norway, USA, Croatia and many more.

I arrived in Zermatt in 2007 for “just one winter” the famous last words of everyone who comes here. But after one winter away, I missed Zermatt so much that I made my way back there as soon as I could. My second winter was 2009 and this time I really fell in love with the place which seemed to sum up all my experiences into one small alpine environment.

Thus began my search to stay in Zermatt and to give my suitcase a well-deserved rest after having travelled for 10 years. I was introduced to Pauline Imboden during my first winter in Zermatt as I was renting chalets and apartments from Zermatt Holidays for our guests from a British tour company.

When I began looking for a permanent job in Zermatt, Pauline offered me the opportunity and I started work with the company in 2011. We proved to be a great team and from that time a fresh wind blew through the company. We modernised the website to an online booking site and introduced Zermatt Holidays to social media. And last but not least, we have proven that we are and will always be “the original chalet company” with our accent on service and quality chalets and apartments in Switzerland’s no.1 alpine destination; nothing is too much trouble for us

In 2015 after 27 years, Pauline decided the time had come to pass on the company to a new owner and I took over the business. I really admire all she has done for Zermatt during all those years and I will continue to run the company in the same spirit she showed since its conception in 1988. Today, I'm proud to say we continue to have a great selection of Chalet Zermattt and Zermatt Apartment Rentals for our guests to choose from.”

Owner, Zermatt Holidays



“I landed here in Zermatt by chance in the sixties when this alpine village was just recovering from some bad publicity after an outbreak of typhoid! I loved working seasons in hotels during those early years – it meant leaving in September returning in December and leaving in April returning in June for the alpine summer and leaving me time for visits home to England between seasons.

It must have been during those early years that I fell in love with Zermatt: it felt like a fairy-tale village so far away from the rest of the world situated at the end of a long alpine valley surrounded on 3 sides by the highest peaks in the Alps.

In 1971 I married Georges a native of Zermatt whom I had met a year earlier: with him I learned to speak and understand the local German dialect and become more involved in local life. We had 2 children in the next couple of years and I continued working throughout the year in the local tourist office as well as becoming a tourist guide recounting to guests the history of this mountain village including the story of the tragic first ascent of the Matterhorn which helped put Zermatt on the tourist map.

It was not until the children had left home at the end of the eighties that my husband Georges and I started our company “ZERMATT HOLIDAYS” renting out Zermatt apartments to visitors. During these years we made lots of friends who became returning guests some of whom still visit us today with the next generation of guests. Georges sadly died in 2008 but I continued running the company and enjoyed passing on my knowledge and enthusiasm for Zermatt to thousands of holidaymakers.

The business has undergone enormous changes in the last few years; due to enhanced expectations of today’s guests, we have continually improved our Zermatt apartments and chalets and been keeping up with all the technical advances which enable requests to be answered within 24 hours and reservations to be made online.”

Founder, Zermatt Holidays



We will continue to live our dream of helping to make our guests stays in Zermatt an unforgettable experience. We have received countless of recommendations and referrals over the years and some of these are posted on our new site. In addition we have a blog and information site which we update regularly with events and local information. Do not forget to follow and tag us on Instagram or Facebook, so we can see more of your experience in Zermatt!