Mountain Bike Guide for Zermatt (2024)

Zermatt is known for its almost endless trails that expand over 62 miles. During summer, when it’s pleasantly warm in the mountain village, it’s the ideal time to get on the saddle, pedal and explore the unique mountain world on wheels.

In our Bike Guide Zermatt, we offer you information on Mountain Bike (MTB) rental, what to regard before you start riding and tips on the best trails.

Are you ready for the adventure of the summer in the MTB destination Zermatt and discovering some of the most awestrucking sights in the alps?


Biking in Zermatt with the Matterhorn as your constant companion

With the Matterhorn as your companion, Summer in Zermatt is fun on two wheels (© Pascal Gertschen) 


Before You Start Biking in Zermatt

In Zermatt, you will find different routes and difficulty levels for MTB beginners and advanced riders. We want you to enjoy your stay and feel comfortable. So be sure to regard following rules

  • Pay attention to the recommendations of your guide or the information on site.

  • Never leave the designated route so as not to endanger yourself or the wildlife, flora and fauna.

  • We strongly advise you not to go on an MTB tour in bad weather, as the weather can change quickly in the mountains.

The bike shop can also give you valuable tips for the mountain bike trails Zermatt. As die-hard locals and outdoor enthusiasts, we are particularly pleased that the transportation of your MTB is free of charge on the entire gondola and cable car network.



Bike Rental – Well-Equipped for the Tour

If you don't want to bring your beloved MTB with you to Zermatt, you have a good selection of different MTB models in the sports shops in the village. These can be rented for a day or longer, including additional equipment and clothing. Together with the shop team, you will find the right bike that will be your faithful companion for the next few days.

If you'd like a few more insider tips from the locals, just ask our staff, who, like everyone who lives in Zermatt, go straight into raptures.


For a perfect outdoor experience, you must have the right accommodation where you can relax after an exciting day on the various MTB trails. The Zermatt Holidays team is pleased to provide you with an exclusive selection of Zermatt Vacation Rental, so you'll feel at home away from home.


Bike Arena Zermatt

Hofmattstrasse 30, 3920 Zermatt

Rental of different types of MTB and accessories like a Thule trailer for kids. You can book your favourite MTB directly online according to your height and the length of rental. 

Bike Shop Zermatt

Kirchstrasse 17, 3920 Zermatt

Offers different types of MTB and e-bikes, as well as strollers, gear and clothing. You can book your favourite MTB directly online. 
Prices are for adults MTB from 36 swiss francs up for one day. Prices for kids bikes are from 16 swiss francs up for one day. 


Into the Adventure With a Local Bike Guide

Experience Zermatt and the mountain world differently with a local guide. You discover a place differently with a personal guide. Look forward to insider tips and magical places on the Zermatt MTB trails that remain hidden from other visitors. The tours can be booked alone, in pairs or in a group. All guides are locals who know the MTB trails like the back of their hand. Professional equipment and safety are paramount. If you would like to rent an MTB and the appropriate equipment, you can do so directly from the providers. 


Fat Bike Zermatt

Offers official guided tours with e-bikes or MTB. The owner himself is your tour guide, certified member of swiss cycling and shows you the most iconic places up in the mountains to enjoy a breathtaking view of the famous Matterhorn. He speakes 4 languages and if you visit in winter, you can join special fat bike night rides.

  • Sunset tour (Stellisee)

  • Individual solo or group tours in Zermatt

  • Lessons with e-bike or MTB (also suitable for kids)

  • MTB and gear rental

  • Professional bike service

Bike Arena Zermatt

Three certified cycling guides will take you on private tours, whether alone or in a group. They know all the spots with the best views of the Valais landscapes. They will put together an individual programme to suit your needs. In winter, you can also go on a fondue bike tour and ride through the snow-covered forests.

  • Individual guides tours (easy to difficult)

  • MTB and gear rental 

  • Professional bike service


Moos Trail is a bike trail through the forests above Zermatt village.
The trails through the forests offer cooling and adrenaline at the same time (© Pascal Gertschen)


The 3 Best Mountain Bike Trails in Zermatt

Would you like to explore the Zermatt MTB trails on your own? Then get on your bike and off you go. We are just as enthusiastic about the outdoors as you are, and spend as much time as possible in nature around Zermatt. So that you can spend more time on your bike and with the wind around your nose, we have listed the most beautiful MTB trails for you. 


4 Lake Bike Tour

The most famous hike around Zermatt is also suitable for an MTB tour. From Zermatt village, take the cable car to Sunnegga and then the chairlift to Blauherd (don't forget a valid ticket). The bike transport is included in the ticket. From there, you start the 4 Lakes Tour. First stop at Stellisee, which offers great photo opportunities when there is no wind, as the Matterhorn is reflected in the lake. The tour continues to Lake Grindji and Lake Grünsee. Here again, the Matterhorn is reflected in the lakes, along with other equally unique mountain panoramas. The last stop is at Lake Mossji, whose turquoise colour makes it a wonderful photo subject. Continue to Sunnegga station and take the cable car back to Zermatt village. Alternatively, you can continue to Zermatt Dorf, passing the villages of Ried and Tufteren. You can also tackle the uphill trail from Zermatt Village to Sunnegga. This takes you up 663 metres in altitude in around 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

  • Duration: 1.25 hours

  • Length: 7.45 miles (12,1 kilometres)

  • Best season: June to October

  • Difficulty level: middle

  • The bike transport is free

  • Buy your ticket at the ticket office in Zermatt village or for the way back your return ticket at Sunnegga.


There are many trails for biking enthusiasts in Zermatt

Don't forget to take a break in on of the mountain restaurants (© Pascal Gertschen) 


Glacier Garden Tour

A beautiful adventure tour through the forests above Zermatt. You start in Zermatt village and ride towards Furi, up into the trees. After a few more intense climbs on the path, you reach the glacier garden. It's worth taking a break here. Kids and adults get their money's worth here in a forest playground. The view is promising, and you can marvel at the flora and fauna and if you ride a little further, you can even see the untouched nature at the foothills of the Gorner Glacier. Another highlight awaits you on the way back: crossing the suspension bridge that stretches over the famous Gornergrat Gorge. This tour is also suitable as a Zermatt e-bike tour. 

  • Duration: 2.09 hours

  • Length: 9.81 miles (15,8 kilometres)

  • Best season: June to October

  • Difficulty level: easy 

  • Suitable for kids: yes (depending on the age)


Furi - Schwarzsee Tour

You start in Zermatt Dorf and follow the road up to Furi. There the path becomes steeper and leads past increasingly barren landscapes with a view of the north side of the Matterhorn. From Stafelalp, which is almost 2000 meters above sea level, you follow the gravel road that takes you to Schwarzsee at over 2500 meters above sea level. The imposing Matterhorn is your constant companion throughout the journey, and you get closer and further away from it. This gives you different views and photo opportunities so that this impressive uphill tour remains in your memory forever.

  • Duration: 3.10 hours

  • Length: 5.65 miles (9,1 kilometres)

  • Best season: June to October

  • Difficulty level: difficult

Important: Please be aware that you are at almost 3000 meters above sea level. This can cause altitude sickness in a few people.


Impressive views of the mountains while biking in Zermatt

 Impressive mountain backdrops await adventure seekers in Zermatt (© Pascal Gertschen) 


Bike Park Zermatt – Ready to Pump

Zermatt itself does not have a bike park, but not far away, in Täsch, you will find a place that makes the hearts of all mountain bikers beat faster. The Schali Bike Zone has been created right next to the Schalisee in Täsch. There you can try out the Skills Loop, Pump Track and Jump Line to your heart's content. 

The Pump Track is suitable for children from the age of four. All beginners can develop a feel for the MTB here. The Skills Loop is suitable for children from age six and older. Here you can learn to feel for the various obstacles. The Jump Line, on the other hand, is intended for advanced riders and requires a certain level of familiarity with the MTB and experience. If you need a break, simply jump into the Schalisee in summer or enjoy a drink and a snack at the beach bar “Schali Lago”.

Schali Lago
Schalisee, 3929 Täsch

Opening hours: 11 am - 5.30 pm, every day

Closed in case of bad weather


Conclusion Zermatt Summer Biking

Zermatt not only impresses with its many hiking routes, but also with its almost endless trails that take you to lofty heights, through forests and valleys and over suspension bridges. Regardless of whether you have your own MTB or would like to rent one, you are in good hands in Zermatt. If you would like to explore the mountains with a local, we can also offer you various tours. As you can see, a visit to Zermatt is always worth it. 
You can find out what else you can experience in Zermatt in summer in our blog post Zermatt in Summer.


To make you feel at home, we have the right accommodation for you. All our Zermatt Vacation Rental at Zermatt Holidays will make your stay comfortable and of course unforgettable. The Zermatt Holidays team is looking forward to welcoming you to what is probably (it obviously is!) the most beautiful mountain village in Switzerland. Do you have any questions about the perfect accommodation in Zermatt? We're happy to help. Please contact us via e-mail or phone +41 27 968 11 30.


 The biking trails of Zermatt are for everyone

Various trails from easy to difficult make Zermatt a perfect stay for all visitors (© Pascal Gertschen)


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