Visit Zermatt With a Dog

Visiting Zermatt with your dog(s)? Here's all you need to know

Zermatt is a true paradise for dog owners and their four-legged friends. To ensure that your dog’s arrival and stay in the village goes smoothly, you will find tips on travelling with your dog and the most important things to consider.

Dogs are welcome guests in Zermatt.

Zermatt also offers many activities for four-legged guests. (© Zermatt Holidays)

Zermatt, a beautiful village in the middle of the Swiss Alps, is perfect for dog owners. The surroundings of Zermatt offer countless of opportunities for exciting walks and adventures in nature. The mountain world in particular makes Zermatt an attractive destination for hikers and other sports enthusiasts. Of course, your most faithful companion should not be missing. Dogs are welcome in Zermatt, and many Zermatt Holidays flats are dog-friendly. 

Arriving in Zermatt with your dog

If you are travelling by train, you have the option of buying a “dog day pass”, which gives your dog free travel on the entire Swiss public transport network. This is available for as little as CHF 25 and is valid on the day of travel. The day pass is valid in both 1st and 2nd class. The only condition is that you are in possession of a valid ticket. 

TIP: If your dog is no taller than 30 cm and you carry him / her in a crate which fits under the seat, your dog travels free of charge.


Infosheet for your travel with a dog


Free travel for dogs in Zermatt

In Zermatt itself, your four-legged companion enjoys free travel on all mountain railway routes! Even in some of the best restaurants in Zermatt, whether in the village or on the mountain, dogs are allowed in many places and can be taken along without any problem, so you can enjoy the seemingly endless mountain world to its fullest together and experience many adventures. Just be sure to check this with the restaurant before hand.

Leash requirement in Zermatt village

In Zermatt it is compulsory to keep your dog on a leash within the inhabited area. This is to protect the dogs from traffic (bicycles, electric taxis) and other stress factors. 

In winter, the popular “AHV-Weg” and the “Riedweg” up to the stairway path “Howete” also belong to this zone. 

In the cold season it happens frequently that deer look for food in the residential areas – these are to be protected by the leash obligation. 

The Riedweg is open to skiers and snowboarders in winter – extra caution is required here.

To ensure that animals can raise their young in peace during the nesting and sowing season, dogs are only allowed to be in the forest and at the edge of the forest on a leash. This ensures that wild animals are not exposed to unnecessary stress. 

When visiting Zermatt in summer, it is important to ensure that your dog does not run freely on fenced meadows, as this grass is used as food and must not be pushed down.

Prohibited zones for dogs in Zermatt

The sports fields “Chrome” and “Obere Matten”, all playgrounds, school grounds and all cemeteries may not be visited with dogs.

The leash-free zone

The municipality of Zermatt has defined a leash-free zone where your four-legged friend can run around undisturbed and play with other dogs. This zone is directly on the banks of the Vispa River: it starts at the new lift of the “Kirchbrücke” and ends at the southern wooden bridge near the house “Maryland”.

Hiking trails

Zermatt is a great place for dog owners who enjoy hiking. There are countless hiking trails suitable for all fitness levels. 

In summer, there are several mountain huts where you can book an overnight stay for multi-day routes. Don’t forget to arrange enough water and a warm blanket for the colder nights.

The zermatt dog Nanny

If you’re in Zermatt for a skiing holiday, unfortunately the dog can’t join you on the slopes. But don’t worry: the pet nanny in Zermatt, Doris would be happy to look after your dog and take him / her out for a nice hike. She looks after dogs and other animals during the day and comes directly to you in your holiday flat, so your dog can stay in a safe environment. A walking service can also be booked with her.

Winter: Beware of salt

In the winter months (November until April), the roads in Zermatt are salted to prevent people from slipping. This can be a bit tricky when visiting Zermatt with a dog, because some dogs are sensitive to the salt. If your dog is sensitive to it, or already has irritated paws, dog shoes for shorter distances can be helpful. Either way, after the walk, the paws should be washed off with lukewarm water to prevent the salt from drying on the paws. Paraffin or beeswax-based ointments can help irritated skin.

Accommodation in Zermatt with a dog

When travelling with a dog, finding the right accommodation can be difficult. Take a look at zermatt vacation rentals, select ''pets allowed'', get in touch with us, and we will help you find the most suitable accommodation for you and your pet(s).

If you have any questions or uncertainties, we would be happy to help our guests and provide information about the applicable regulations. We are dog owners ourselves and know the best walks! We hope that you will make many unforgettable memories in Zermatt with your dog. Have fun!


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